About Us

Ecoplanet s.r.o. (LLC) resides in Bilina, Czech Republic and while founded in 2005 its history dates back to 1994 to considerable achievements of its predecessor – LUCERNA (LLC). Originally a regional supplier of luminaires, light sources and electrical installation equipment, Ecoplanet transformed into one of the largest companies of its kind in the area of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its growth is directly reflected in its revenue that annually grows by almost 10%.

Ecoplanet currently operates as a leading importer and distributor of luminaires, electrical installation equipment and security systems for both residential and industrial use. With its own brands Ecolite and Crown it offers a wide selection of conventional and LED light sources, light tubes, technical lighting, worklights and floodlights. Our product range also involves security systems such as CCTV systems, home alarms, car accessories and even IT products and gadgets. Our services include outsourcing, import and distribution to all countries of the EU.

Our products can be purchased in retail&wholesale stores, prominent on-line shops and also in local chain stores such as Baumax, OBI, TESCO, Hornbach or Metro Stores (Makro).

Goods are received and dispatched directly from our warehouse in Hrobcice. With 3.000 square meters (>32.000 sq. feet) and 2.000 pallet positions we consider ourselves a suitable logistic partner for any customer. Due to strict legislative requirements and specific market demands, we constructed a test lab within the compound which provides accurate fotometric and safety data on each item in all stages of the production&sales process.

Our mission is to establish a long-term cooperation with our suppliers and clients while tirelessly raising the bar by offering innovative products, rapid delivery and outstanding after-sale services.

For international inquiries, sourcing and OEM requests, please use sales(@)